Since 1965 hydraulic cranes without compromises.

The unique expertise gathered over forty years of designing and constructing more than 70,000 hydraulic cranes for trucks is the
extraordinary resource that Fassi Gru brings to the many lifting requirements in a naval environment be they in the port or shipyard.
Fassi solutions cover a complete range that can withstand the ravages of a sea environment over time and that are suitable for logistic
and environmental situations where the movement of loads requires speed, precision, manoeuvrability and operating safety.

Maximum flexibility and a host of different ways they can be used.

Fassi cranes can be used in ports and shipyards for all handling operations. Furthermore, thanks to the special version of the base and
the centralised commands they can be fitted in a fixed position on any type of craft whether for transportation, fishing or pleasure.
The complete range of accessories that Fassi offers makes them very flexible to use: from the hydraulic and manual extensions to the
hydraulic winches mounted on the secondary arm of the crane, from grab buckets to hydraulic grips. An electro-hydraulic assembly
with control unit for crane operations, made in accordance with specific guidelines is also available for the automatic operation of
the crane.

The performance of each prototype is tested with extreme exertion tests.

Each Fassi crane is designed to DIN Standard 15018 using Catià, one of the most advanced and versatile software that also finds application
in the aeronautical and automobile industries. The prototype produced in this way is subjected to severe exertion tests (class
H1B3) that include up to 200,000 working cycles. A procedure that proclaims the reliability of each new Fassi model with certainty.

A structure protected in all of its components.

Every Fassi product is defended in the most effective ways so that it can face the most extreme working conditions, even in the marine
environment, thereby maintaining its high performance standards. A special treatment consisting of hardened chemical nickel plating
(thickness 50 μ) and chrome plating (thickness 100 μ), is applied to the stems of the main and secondary jacks while the stems
of the boom extension jacks are treated using a special double chrome process. The internal chrome plating of the rotation cylinders
is double thickness. Before assembly, painting is carried with a bicomponent epoxy undercoat (thickness 40/50 μ) and two coats of
polyurethane bicomponent finishing enamel (thickness 60/80 μ). The hydraulic distributor is also in a version for a marine environment.
The electrical components have IP65 protection. If so requested, pipe fittings and other stainless steel parts are available as
optional extras.


Fassi F155AFM.0.24