Founded in 1919, Marrel initially established its reputation by introducing the market’s first tipper body with jib and cable.

Its strong ability to innovate allowed the company to develop rapidly over the following decades.

The Marrel name is strongly associated with the major technological advances in the industry.

Marrel’s inventions include the Ampliroll hoist, the skip loader and the tipper scissors.

Today, Marrel is one of the European leaders in industrial vehicle mounted equipment.

Attentive to their customers’ stringent requirements, Marrel’s personnel are committed to a continuous improvement initiative concerning quality and customer service.

Marrel’s factories received ISO 9001 certification in 2002 and the company has launched an initiative for UTAC certification of its mounting centres.

Marrel has also set up a certification program for its welding and painting processes.

Starting at design conception, products are tested at the Andrézieux-Bouthéon Test and Research Centre and each product must pass a 24,000-cycle test before it obtains the Marrel label of quality and reliability.

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