Arsis Ltd is an official distributor of OMARS S.p.A’s road recovery systems. Omars S.p.A has a broad variety of products that can be fitted to  a 3.5tn gross weight vehicles up to 5 axis trucks for recovering heavy duty vehicles from accidents.

Some indicative product types are the following:

  • Fixed and removable platforms.
  • Special platforms for transporting more than one vehicle.
  • Vehicle recovery forks with lifting capacity from 2 ton to 14 tons.
  • Telescopic hydraulic arms for lifting heavy duty vehicles.

Arsis Ltd can assemply the superstructures and install the vehicle recovery systems into your vehicle.

For additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone at +30 2105580272, or via email at

Omars 4.200 + Fassi F155A

Omars 110T

Omars 140T

 Omars 2000 A SL

Omars 3 FN

Omars 2 T Z